What is the Wonderslim Diet?

Thinking about trying out the Wonderslim weight loss plan? Wonderslim is a popular diet plan that sends low fat meal replacements like bars and shakes to your doorstep.

These low calorie meals are higher in protein and lower in calories to help you take of weight quickly but safely.

Is Wonderslim a good choice for you? Here's an overview to help you decide:

How It Works:

You can choose to order 2 week or 4 week starter kits at a time. One advantage to Wonderslim is that you're not locked into a contract or auto-delivery service.

There are 3 different plans - basic, core and premium.

The basic plan is the most affordable diet coming in around $7.50 per day. However it only gives you about 4 different Wonderslim meals each day - shakes and bars only. So you'll have to add in your own dinners and a few snacks too.

The core plan is the next option on the list and gives you breakfast as well as several shakes, bars and meals. You'll have to prepare your own lunch and dinner with this diet plan.

The luxury premium plan is ideal if you want it all done for you. You'll receive 7 Wonderslim meals a day including dinner meals and desserts like cheesecake.

Some of the most popular meals on this plan include Oatmeal, Zesty Lemon Bars, Sloppy Joe and Chocolate Cake.

What Kind of Weight Loss Should I Expect?

Wonderslim is a calorie-controlled diet and depending on how closely you follow the diet, you can expect to lose about 2 - 4 pounds in the start of the diet and around 1 - 3 pounds per week after that.

What about the Disadvantages?

You don't get a lot of support with this diet - it's more for people who want to do things on their own. It's best however that you work with a medical professional to make sure you're losing weight safely.

Want to learn more?

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